The highest standard of skylight manufacture must be matched with the highest standard of installation. Only when these two factors are in play can you get the very best out of your skylight. That is why Wangaratta Skylights takes care of it all. Our installation workmanship is hard to rival. We manufacture every one of our skylight products ourselves. So we know exactly how to integrate these into your home or business. Our fully qualified installation experts will fit your chosen skylight with:

  • No delays — minimal time to wait in putting your skylight to work
  • No hassle — simply set our installers to work and they’ll do the rest
  • No mess — there is no post-installation clean-up for you as that is on us
  • No premature ‘wear and tear’ — professional installation maximises the lifespan of your skylight and its weatherproof condition.

We understand that life and work must go on around your skylight installation. So our knowledgeable installation specialists minimise disruption to your home or business.

Take the quality, longevity and return of your skylight sky high. Get our skylight installation specialists on the job.