Flexishaft Skylights

Sometimes simplicity is the true stand-out. Flexishaft skylights offer the best in straightforward design and flexible functionality. Here is your standard skylight offering exceptional natural light within your space.

The name ‘flexishaft’ speaks to the flexible shaft material. You have the option of choosing a solid shaft too should you prefer. Shafts funnel light from the great outdoors down into your home or building.

Installation of your flexishaft skylight could not be simpler. Yet you can expect optimum light transfer with this great solution. With terrific results, your flexishaft skylight comes fully equipped and ready to go with:

  • Rooftop dome and flashing
  • Ceiling frame
  • Prismatic diffuser for fitting inside the building
  • Shaft.

It is a simple truth that free natural daylight is there for the taking to reduce energy consumption and enhance your space. Flexishaft skylights are your simple solution to enjoying all natural light has to offer.

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Sizes Available

600mm x 400mm
800mm x 400mm
800mm x 600mm
1200mm x 600mm
Larger sizes available upon request

Flexishaft / Standard Skylight Gallery