Custom Skylight Solutions

Every space is unique, so we can customise skylight solutions to match your specific needs. Architectural design, environmental requirements and desired lighting levels are all factored into our custom skylight solutions. We give you freedom to enhance any space with:

  • Distinctive glazes
  • Custom sizing
  • Distinctive frame colours
  • Motorised or remote operation
  • Much more.

Yet no matter what your needs rest assured that your custom skylight will deliver:

  • 100% weather proofing
  • Exceptional structural integrity
  • Smart aesthetic appeal.

Ready to get a customised skylight solution?

Bring the full potential of your space to light by speaking with Wangaratta Skylights. We take the time to understand your needs, and then design a custom solution.

Contact us on 1300 35 15 15 for the best natural lighting solutions for your home, business or industrial premises.