Getting a skylight or few often throws up questions to which the answers are not always clear. Yet you will find our experienced team at Wangaratta Skylights are a reliable source of knowledge. To help you understand skylights, we are sharing the answers to the most common client questions.

Q. How long does skylight installation take?

A. Allow two hours for a smooth-running standard skylight installation. Challenges can arise to set installation times back, however. Where issues such as complex roof structures, electrical wiring or several skylights are involved, installation time will be longer. In a nutshell, skylight installation times depend on individual project requirements.

Q. How will adding a skylight affect heating in my space?

A. With a quality skylight and professional installation your heating should be almost unaffected.

Q. What are the chances of leaking through my skylight?

A. Again, with a quality skylight and professional installation leaking will not pose a problem.

Q. Is self-installation of my skylight possible?

A. Sure. We even give you a hand with a range of skylight kits that come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Q. How do round and square skylights differ from each other?

A. Square skylights generally admit more light and achieve more even light distribution. Yet different roofs and structural situations will demand different skylight shapes. What shape you go with may well depend on your specific installation environment.

Q. How do skylights function?

A. Essentially a skylight channels natural light into your space. Daylight is caught by a rooftop dome then funnelled down a reflective shaft. Next an in-roof diffuser panel spreads the light out nice and evenly. So you can enjoy a bright space filled with natural light.

Q. How big a skylight must I get?

A. As a general rule, the bigger your skylight is the more light it will let in. Yet your required skylight size depends on several location-specific factors. Room size and distance between roof and ceiling all play a part in determining size requirements. Speak with us about your particular space environment.

Q. Can I reduce my energy bills by installing a skylight?

A. With more natural light streaming into your space, your electric lights will definitely take a break. And because there is no cost attached to daylight, your electricity outgoings should be driven down nicely.

Q. Will my house value benefit from installing a skylight?

A. Energy efficiency is a key attraction for many home buyers and valuers. Skylight installation reduces electricity consumption by harnessing free natural daylight as a major lighting source. In addition, skylights breathe more light into your home making the space brighter and more appealing. Wangaratta Skylights even offers a range of stunning heritage skylights. These can be a striking statement feature in your home.